FXinvesting presents a training manual FOREX TRADING FUNDAMENTALS

We have created a unique tutorial that contains all the necessary information that every novice trader should know. simple language and laconic format of the book, developed by professional experts and practicing traders exclusively for the clients of FXinvesting, will help to understand the principles of functioning of the market, concepts of trade and the mechanisms for profit making.

Forex market: the largest trading arena in the world

Advantages of the Forex market

Factors that affect the market

Liquidity as a key element of trading success

Basic approaches to the analysis of movements in the market

Mechanisms for determining the currency price

Elementary concepts of the Forex Market

Currency pairs, buying and selling rates

Exchange rate, spreads, swaps and pips

The rules of trade to follow

Transactions, closed and open positions

Leverage: Risks and Benefits

In our tutorial you will find everything you need to know about the foreign exchange market before you start trading Forex!