Financial markets are impossible without a clear idea of ​​the profits. An important factor in determining the probable profit is the calculation of profit with the help of an economic calculator. FXinvesting offers our clients several types of the most popular type of trading calculators – currency, Fibonacci calculator, profitability calculator and margin calculator.t

Currency Converter

The first type of calculation allows you to quickly and conveniently calculate the conversion rate according to the current exchange rate, which is necessary for the calculation of funds. Due to this convenience, our customers do not think about how much it will cost to buy/sell a certain product, based on its price in any region of the planet.

Fibonacci Calculator

Two other types of calculators – according to the Fibo system (or Fibo calculation) and profitability calculator – are the auxiliary financial mechanism for beginners and pro traders. The essence of the Fibo calculation makes it possible to calculate all the likely market positions and choose the most preferable

Profit Calculator

Profit calculator will calculate the probable profit when making a certain amount for trades, taking into account the buying and selling factors due the terms of the transaction as the closing price and the profit margin.

Margin Calculator

As for the margin calculator, the company has created a better option for calculating the level of margin, leverage and levels of upward and downward trends. Also, our online calculator will allow you to more accurately calculate the points of resistance and support, the presence of pronounced points SL and TP. Also worth noting is the fact that the calculator allows you to understand the trading strategy for a trading instrument.