Are you willing to try your hand at online trading, but you still fear of possible risks and failures?


FXinvesting company has developed an innovative approach for novice traders called DEMO-REAL risk-free trading system.


Now you get a chance to start trading on the financial market without any risks for your money.


Register on website, and replenish your trading account. You will immediately get the access to a demo account, the amount of funds in which is twice as much as the amount on your real account.

Real Demo
$ 250 $ 500
$ 500 $ 1000
$ 1000 $ 2000
$ 5000 $ 10000

After that you will start stock trading activity, opening your first transaction. During the week you will be able to trade with virtual money in real market conditions.


If on the expiration of this period, your trading was successful, and you were able to raise capital, all profits will be automatically credited to your real account.


If you have suffered losses in the virtual account, personal expert will help to analyze errors, basing on the results of your trading activity. After having examined the errors, you will begin to trade on a real account, the balance of which is equal to the deposit you have made.


Advantages of the DEMO-REAL system


Complete absence of cash losses.

This advantage allows traders to significantly improve their skills, not limiting with the risk of potential losses. FXinvesting company does not require any payment for trading on a demo account. Moreover, in the case if demo balance is positive after a week, traders get profit from their virtual account to real account.


Trading in the real market conditions.

Our system allows traders to realize trading activity in real market conditions without any loss of funds. Analysis of the current market conditions, ability to participate in daily currency battles and to make decisions, when there is real money on stake, are the most exciting aspects of Forex trading available with the DEMO-REAL system.


Analytical support.

FXinvesting always provides traders with the qualified assistance in financial activity. Professional experts will teach you how to avoid suboptimal trading decisions. If on the expiry of a demo account trading did not bring the desired results, personal expert will provide a detailed analysis and help to understand the reasons for the loss of virtual money. After parsing all the errors, it is possible to safely proceed to trading on a real account with the entire amount of deposit.


Effectiveness of the DEMO-REAL risk-free trading system is confirmed by the market experts and customers of FXinvesting company!


The next step is up to you!