Video instruction for entering your personal account

Watch our short video tutorial to learn how to register the FXinvesting personal account, open a trading or demo account, make a deposit, withdraw funds or make a transfer between accounts, and to download Metatrader or any other convenient trading platform.Video tutorial on entering your private account

My Account

1. I’ve funded my account but I still can’t see the money I’ve deposited on my trading balance. Why?

The money you’ve transferred into your account will be reflected on your trading balance in My Account only after you download MetaTrader-4 platform from our website and log in into our web trading platform for the first time.

2. How can I change my My Account’s password?

You can log into your account and go on the personal details page, where you click on “Change password”. If you forgot your password and can’t open your My Account section, just click on “Forgot Password” button on the entering page and follow the instructions.

4. How can I update my personal details?

You can enter “My Account” in the “Personal Details” section, where you’re free to update your personal details. Otherwise, you can just click on your name in top right corner of My Account page.

5. How can I update my phone number/e-mail?

Just enter “My Account” and the “Personal Details” section. On the bottom of this block you’ll see a form created for changing your phone number and e-mail.

6. How can I change a language of my My Account?

In order to change a language of My Account, you should switch the button with the picture of corresponding flag placed on the top of the screen near the inscription “FXinvesting”.