1. What platforms can I use for trading?

By cooperating with FXinvesting, you can trade with MetaTrader-4, the most popular platform in the world. Just install it on your PC or notebook and start your trading campaign. If you’re a beginner, we would like to recommend you our web-based platform available for the usage directly from your browser. In case you have no possibility to enter the web-based platform, you can trade via our mobile application MetaTrader-4 Mobile.

2. Where can I download a trading platform?

You can download the MetaTrader-4 platform using this path: Menu — Platforms — MetaTrader-4. You can also install the mobile application via App-Store or Google Play. Web-based platform is available for you without any installation.

3. What operating systems are available for my trading process?

The MT4 platform could be installed on Windows OS. In order to install our platform on other operating systems, just use an emulator following the instructions: http://www.metatrader4.com/ru/trading-platform/help/userguide/install_mac

Mobile application MetaTrader-4 Mobile is available for both Android and iOS devices

4. Which server should I use for connecting via МТ4?

In order to connect your real account, you should choose the BPMediaGroupLtd-Real server. If you’re going to connect to a demo account, please, choose the BPMediaGroupLtd-Demo server.

5. When can I trade?

Forex trading is available for you on a twenty-four hour basis 5 days a week. Some instruments (for example, the stocks of top-level companies) are available for trading only within the working hours of a certain exchange. The exact trading time of every instrument can be seen in the specification section of a trading platform.

6. How to calculate the cost of point?

You can calculate it with the help of formula, which is defined as follows:

The cost of point in the currency of the deposit:

(Cross-rate of the currency of the order to USD) х (order volume in lots) х 100000 х (point) / (current rate),

where the transaction currency is the first currency in the pair.

For example:

EUR/JPY=162,30; EUR/USD=1,4344;

The price of a point (EURJPY) = 1.4344 х 1 х 100000 х 0.01 / 162.3 = 8.83

The cost of point for CFD:

Volume (number of lots) х contract size х minimum value of the change of price.

7. A Stop Loss order has triggered although there was no such price on chart.

This question is often asked by beginners in relation to Sell positions. It happens because traders do not take spread into consideration. Sell order is opened at Bid price; the chart shows this price as well. But order closes at Ask price, which is higher than Bid price by the size of spread. To enable displaying Ask price in MT4 platform, press F8 on the chart window and in the tab “General” tick the “Show Ask line”.

8. Why has a transaction on my account been closed without any notice?

Obviously there were not sufficient funds on the account to maintain the position opened. As soon as Margin level is equal to or less than 50%, the server will close an order automatically. Compulsory closure of the position is accompanied by the “stop out” notice in the log file.

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