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With the help of FXinvesting Academy even the beginners will quickly collect the basic knowledge and experience in trading Forex.
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Live Market Signals (Summary)

Experienced financial analysts from FXinvesting know how to detect really worthwhile market opportunity and are ready to share their knowledge with you. Receive trading signals on-line absolutely for free!

Market Summary

Complete and high-quality daily, market summary is now available for you. Keep an eye on market trends and make your Forex trading activity to become exclusively profitable.

Chart Analysis

We provide you the most accurate graphic illustrations of the current market tendencies to make only optimal decisions.

Economic Calendar

Watch the most important business events in the world influencing the markets through our economic calendar

Analytical Information

Successful Forex trading always requires the knowledge of analytical information to determine the expediency of trades. We constantly provide you with quality analytical information prepared by professional experts contributing to your profit.


Watch the videos that would definitely deepen your knowledge on Forex trading and provide useful recommendations to apply in your further trading activity.