PAMM-account is an investment service that allows Investors to earn money without directly trading on the Forex market, and Managers to receive additional profit for conducting fund management for Investors.

How does the PAMM-account function?
Everything is extremely simple: both the profit and losses accumulated on the PAMM-account are divided proportionally between the Investors’ accounts.

Opening PAMM-account is very profitable for Investors, as they get a real opportunity to make a profit without making any trading operations on their account and not delving into the specifics of trading on financial markets. PAMM-account is also beneficial to the Managers receiving remuneration for performing operations on managing the Investor’s accounts.

Why choose a PAMM-account from FXinvesting?

  1. Profitability

PAMM-accounts present an instrument that brings Investors the higher interest rate than there is on the market, since the Manager is engaged in active trading in the financial markets and is perfectly aware of what he is doing.

  1. Time

Your funds work for you, even while you are asleep, because the trade is handled by a professional Manager of the PAMM-account from FXinvesting.

  1. Risks

The risks in the PAMM-account are distributed proportionally between Investors and the Manager, which gives an opportunity to be sure of the safety of the investments.

  1. Time-tested result

For each PAMM-account there is a possibility to view the result of the Manager’s work, where there is an option to view the efficiency of trader’s performance and how much profit Investor can earn.

  1. No commission

Manager receives the commission only from the net profit of Investors. When there is no profit there is no commission for using the service.

PAMM Account Operation Principle

The Manager opens a PAMM-account and invests a certain amount of money in it. He risks with this money alongside with his Investors, which makes his trading more deliberate. After that, he creates conditions for cooperation with Investors, including the percentage of profits that he will receive as a reward for managing the accounts. The Investor considers the efficiency of the Managers’ performance and invests in the PAMM-account he likes the most.

Manager trades on the Forex market, using both his own capital and the funds invested by Investors in the PAMM-account. Profits and losses received in a result of trade are automatically distributed between the Manager and his Investors in proportion to the amounts paid.

When the result of trading is positive, the amount of funds on the PAMM-account is increasing, and the profit from the trading is distributed in proportion to the initial investments.

Part of their profits investors pay to the manager as a reward for successful trading.

Types of PAMM-accounts

1. “Conservative”

This PAMM-account perfectly suits investors who put risk-management in priority.

Profit: average profit is 12% per month.

Strategy: medium-term and long-term investments in assets with the lowest potential risk, trading on the ex-dividend dates and using trend analysis of the market. Much attention is paid to monitoring the financial statements of the largest companies on the market and searching for undervalued shares in different sectors of economy. The method of Index investing as a tool for risk diversification is also used.

Average open-position time: 9 working days.

  1. “Optimal”

This type of PAMM-account is suitable for those investors who are looking for a “golden mean” in the choice of investment instruments.

Profit: average profit is 21.5% per month.

Strategy: intraday trading and short-term investment, using a mixture of technical, fundamental and news analysis. Particular attention is paid to trading with commodities and energy resources, as well as trading on the news as a way to maximize profits. With the release of fundamental news, a gap analysis and an appropriate trading strategy may be involved.

Average open-position time: 2 working days.

  1. “Aggressive”

The type of PAMM-account with the highest profit rate is perfectly suitable for those investors who value the level of income and profitability of the invested funds.

Profit: average profit is 43.2% per month.

Strategy: exclusively intraday trading and scalping, using the most liquid currency pairs, as well as trading with Brent Crude oil and XAUUSD. As a forecasting tool, graphical and wave analysis of the market are used, in a tandem with a combination of 5 indicators and oscillators to search for entry points in the market and signals of reverse of the trend.

Average open-position time: 1 hour 17 minutes.

Example of using the PAMM-account from FXinvesting:

  1. The investor activates his trading account with the amount of $2000.
  2. He invests the amount of his deposit in the “Optimal” PAMM-account.
  3. The manager makes 7 trades during the week and the overall profitability of operations is 17% of the total capital, which is equal to 340 $ of net profit for the investor.
  4. The investor disconnects the PAMM-account service, paying 10% of the profit to the manager.
  5. Total net profit is $ 306 per week.
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